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Diana Sturm, MS, Ed.S. LPC

Diana Sturm is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Guild of Energists Trainer. She was first introduced to the Emotional Freedom Technique in 2009 and by 2010 had completed the Gary Craig EFT Certification. Gary Craig is the developer of EFT. After certification, Diana began sharing EFT in public workshops and working with private clients. She continued to study how energy changes the body with additional courses from the Guild of Energists. In 2019, she became a Modern Energy Trainer for the Guild of Energists. She provides instruction on EFT for licensed professionals to use with clients, and for individuals and coaches for performance enhancement and self development. She also provides business practice coaching to professionals on questions about using EFT with clients and on working with polymaths and gifted clients.

When Diana started her journey with EFT, she was a university associate professor teaching introductory geology classes. She had completed her Ph.D. in Geology in 2000 and specialized in environmental geology, hydrogeology, and geophysics. She has taught university classes in geology, dinosaurs, waste management, and various types of energy sources. In addition to science, Diana has an undergraduate degree in business and specialized in Marketing and Business Development. She has helped numerous small businesses with marketing plans, business plans and grant writing. She has been a volunteer for the Women’s Business Center, a division of the Small Business Administration, where she has provided support and information to new business owners in monthly small groups.

Like the true polymath that she is, once Diana started using EFT for herself and with clients for self development, she took a deep dive into psychology and obtained her second Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She then continued on to obtain an Educational Specialist in Counseling degree. Diana is in private practice and specializes in helping clients who have experienced trauma and dissociation. She serves clients in Alabama and Florida via telehealth.

Diana provides “Introduction to EFT for Licensed Professionals” through UpLifting EFT. The EFT classes for licensed professionals focus on Classic EFT developed by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT.

Diana is also a trainer for non-clinical energy classes on Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, Modern Energy Tapping Professional, Modern Stress Management Foundation, Modern Stress Management Professional, and Modern Energy Dating. The non-clinical classes are provided through Source of Abundance. These classes were developed by the Guild of Energists.

Both UpLifting EFT and Source of Abundance are offerings from CopperFire Digital LLC. Copperfire Digital LLC holds all copyrights for this website and Introduction to EFT for Licensed Professionals.

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