Enhance Your Therapy Practice with EFT

Do you have questions about the Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping?

I’ve made a video (just under 30 minutes) on why you should consider adding EFT to your therapy toolbox.

EFT is known by a wide variety of names including: Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping, Thought Field Therapy, Energy Psychology, Energy Tapping, Energy Therapy, and others. Most of the various techniques are taught in classes targeted for self-care or for coach practitioners even though several of the pioneers of EFT where clinical psychologists.

UpLifting EFT is designed for behavioral health professionals who are experienced in working with clients. Your practicum, internship, and hundreds of clients while you were under supervision are acknowledged here. This class gives you the tools to be ready to use EFT with clients when you are finished with the class.

I ran into some problems recording the video below, so it isn’t slick like all of the latest social media videos. Let me know if you have any questions!