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What is EFT?

EFT or the emotional freedom technique is a technique which can be used in therapy or in coaching to reduce physical pain, release upsetting emotions, remove negative cognitions, improve performance, and provide an overall relaxation for the body. EFT also goes by other names including Thought Field Therapy, Tapping, Energy Psychology, Energy EFT and Modern Energy Tapping.

EFT uses the sense of touch on acupuncture points while making verbal statements. This somatic engagement of touch and auditory stimuli has been shown in neural imaging brain studies to activate the amygdala, the part of the brain which stores emotions and memories.

Why train in EFT?

Medical professionals including psychotherapists, mental health counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, speech language pathologists, chiropractors, and many more, continue to learn new techniques to help them to better serve their clients. EFT is evidence-based and has been used for over four decades to help clients evolve their medical issues. Reducing the intensity (SUDS level), or in many cases eliminating a condition, can radically change the life of a client. A big benefit for professionals using EFT is a reduction in vicarious trauma.

EFT is Evidence-Based

A quick search on Google Scholar for “emotional freedom techniques” reveals over 3 million results. Numerous studies have been conducted showing a high effectiveness for many conditions. The effectiveness for EFT surpasses most other psychotherapy techniques. In Uplifting EFT’s class, Introduction to EFT/Tapping for Professionals, multiple studies will be presented and references for the most common conditions are included in the class.

EFT can be Fast

For many issues, just one or two rounds of tapping can dramatically reduce the intensity of the emotions or the pain associated with the reason being tapped upon. This means that your client can feel a shift within one session.

Why train with UpLifting EFT?

There are a variety of training programs for EFT currently available, but these dominantly focus on using EFT in a coaching capacity and not for diagnosable medical conditions. UpLifting EFT takes into account that you have already had many years of training in your field through your graduate program, in practicums, internships, and fellowships, and in your practice after graduation. Whether you have just graduated or you have had many years of experience in your specialty, learning EFT can benefit your practice. UpLifting EFT courses are available only to licensed professionals in the fields of behavioral health, medicine, nursing, chiropractic care, and audiology/speech language pathology.